Merri Merri News – 1 November 2019

Merri Merri News – 1 November 2019

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Goodbye Poorneet
Things are heating up Merri Merri as we say goodbye to Poorneet (tadpole season) and hello to Buath Garru (grass flowering season).

In our Creekulum we’ve been using Aunty Joy Murphy’s “seven seasons” calendar and observing seasonal markers along Merri Merri creek. They are defined by the interactions of plants, animals and weather, as well as the length of the days and the movement of the stars. Learn more about the seasons of the Merri Creek here:

During the final weeks of Poorneet our Preps have been visiting the Creek and learning about Wurundjeri culture with Uncle Bill; they’ve experienced a smoking ceremony, learned about caring for country, and observed two Tawny frogmouths raising their chick in a red gum, which our grade 5/6s added the owls to their memory map.



Hello Buath Garru
As we move into Buath Garru, you will see Kangaroo grass flowering, common brown butterflies flying by the creek – and of course hotter, longer days.

And our Creekulum’s focus will move back to the school, as we bring the stories of Merri Merri to life here on the school grounds.

 Our students have already been spending time during Performing Arts in our new weaving space and garden. It is a space to yarn, braid, dye, grow vegetables and share stories.


And finally we’ve had some very exciting news that our talented kids’ artwork will be displayed at the Melton Gallery.


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