Merri Merri News – 16 August 2019

Merri Merri News – 16 August 2019

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5/6 Merri Merri program- news

Last week we had our last week of Wurundjeri knowledge with 5/6s students along Merri Creek. Students presented their square metre to Wurundjeri Elders Uncle Dave and Uncle Bill and we had the opportunity to learn about their perspective as Traditional Custodians of the Land. Many thanks to the 5/6 teaching team and students for an awesome time learning on Merri Creek! It was a wonderful way of finishing the program for 5/6s and we are excited that next week it’s 3/4s turn!

Volunteers needed – 3/4s parents and carers we need you!

After running 1/2s and 5/6s programs we have a conclusion: The more the merri-er!

So please considering taking time to join the 3/4s Merri Creek program starting next Monday 19thof August, leaving 11:30am from MPS. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Next week we have Wurundjeri knowledge week with Uncle Dave Wandin (Monday) and Uncle Bill Nicholson (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).

Here’s Fox’s mum (5/6s) Elisa Peluso story:

“I had a wonderful experience accompanying 5/6  group on the Merri creek program.
I was lucky to meet and listen to uncle Bill speak about his culture & the stories were heartwarming! Uncle Bill has a beautiful way with children to get them involved.
We are so lucky to be giving  this opportunity to our children!

Thank you to all who have help with this program it’s been amazing!!”

Raincoats and ponchos donations for 3/4 students

If you have raincoats or ponchos size 8+ please consider donating them to have spare raincoats for our program. So students can keep nice and dry at the creek in case it rains! Please bring your donations to the office.

Walking along Merri Creek – community walk this Sunday 18th August

This is a gentle reminder about the Merri Creek family walk which is happening this Sunday as part of the Merri Merri Creek Project. This is our 2nd walk and takes us one step closer in our journey towards the confluence with the Birrarung (Yarra River).

The walk will begin at 1:30pm on Sunday the 18th of August at Phillips Reserve in Brunswick East. The walk will proceed at a leisurely pace along the creek to approximately Coulson Reserve where we will stop and have a shared plate of food and possibly an activity.  We will then slowly make our way back to Phillips Reserve.

There is plenty of flexibility for families to do as little or as much of the walk as they feel they are comfortable with or even just to share in a plate of food when we stop in the middle of the walk. You can get hold of us on the day by texting or calling Seth (0406 361 183) or Kate (0427 332 800) if you need details about where or when we will stopping.

The walk will progress regardless of the weather so rain jackets and a cheery disposition are a must for this time of the year.Any concerns, please get in touch with one of the Merri Merri Creek project team or talk to Seth, Kate or Sarita in the yard.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday

Warm Regards
Merri Merri Creek Project Team

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