Merri Merri News – 28 June 2019

Merri Merri News – 28 June 2019

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Creekulum Newsletter – End of Term 2

Upstream Zine #2 

Big shout out to all who participated in the creation of the amazing stories, drawings and reports of Upstream #2!

Inspired in the odyssey of the short fin eel or iuk in Woi Wurrung that swim thousands of kilometers upstream to live in the Merri Merri and many other creeks, our zine is a student-led initiative that emerged as a manifestation of the fun, creative and risky adventure of our project.

This week Nathan (Emmett and Delilah’s dad and a main conspirator!) and the editorial team have printed and put together the zines! They will be available on the last day of school at 2:30 pm for a gold coin donation. Come and get yourself a great holiday reading!

Everyone is welcome to come and join the team for next term.

Community walks – Family connection to Merri Merri

As an extension to the Merri Merri Creek Project the kids are enjoying at school, we are trying to engage families outside of school time to participate in a walk along the creek from Coburg to the confluence of the Merri Creek and the Yarra River at Birrarung/Yarra Bend Park. This area is of deep significance to the Wurundjeri People and would be a really nice place to visit and acknowledge as part of our growing appreciation for Indigenous history and connection to land.  The following video was produced by the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne and is a nice taster of where we will finish the walk

As the total distance is approximately 8km we have decided to break the walk up into 3 separate sections which will be walked on 3 different days.  We are planning the walk over 3 Sundays over 3 months.

Suggested dates for walk:

21 July

18 August

15 September

Each walk will be approximately 5km return, beginning with a welcome and perhaps a game or introduction or intention for the walk. We believe this will be a manageable distance for most kids 4-5 years of age and above (however we can also let people know the start and end points if they want to organise one way journeys etc).

So, lock in these dates and join the Merri brigade for a beautiful walk down at the creek.  Needless to say, families are most welcome to walk one or all parts of the walk.

Seth Consedine (Arlo and Tobias’ dad)

Merri Merri Creek Team

Come and join the 5/6 creekulum program 

If you are a parent, carer or grandparent of a 5/6 student you are more than welcome to join the 5/6 program along Merri Creek. We value the presence of members of our community as active participants in the process. You can join one session or all of them. Students will leave school at 11:30 am from Monday to Thursday for the four first weeks of term and come back at 3:30 pm.  Because we’re in cold and wet season and our program runs mainly outdoors don’t forget your raincoat, warm clothes and comfy shoes. You need a Working with Children Check and you can apply for free (as volunteer) here:

Week 1 – Term 3

 Angela Foley

From Merri Creek Management Committee

 Discovery week

Participants will find their meter square* of the Merri Creek to study.

(*or a cubic meter of water or air!)

Week 2 – Term 3

Briony and Gregory

From Scale Free Network

Participants will explore their chosen meter square of Merri Creek using different scientific and artistic techniques

Week 3 – Term 3

Briony and Gregory

From Scale Free Network

Participants will explore their chosen meter square of Merri Creek using different scientific and artistic techniques

Week 4 – Term 3

Uncle Bill Nicholson

From Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council

 Participants will understand their chosen meter square of Merri Creek through Wurundjeri knowledges

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