Welcome to the second semester of Prep!

This semester we are learning all about Jobs in our community. We will be inviting community members in to share their jobs and will explore further in guided play sessions. The job unit will also guide our writing sessions where we will be focussing on information reports. This will then be followed up in term four by our Community unit where will look at how we impact the environment.

We will continue to develop the students’ social skills by following the respectful relationships program which concentrates on personal strengths, identifying and managing emotions and interacting with others.

In mathematics we have started to explore place value. We will be counting by tens and developing understanding that ten ones make one ten.  We will then revisit subtraction and addition and learn about dividing objects into equal shares. Later in the semester we will be looking at gathering data in order to explore statistics. In literacy, we will be extending on the phonics that we have covered in semester one by exploring letter blends and word endings. In addition to exploring the information texts, we will be looking into a range of narratives and will be using these texts to help write our own stories.

We are looking forward to celebrating 100 days of Prep in Term 3. Then in Term 4 we will be holding our Prep Breakfast which helps the students to develop their independence.  We will also be running swimming, where the children will be walking to the pool and as a result learning about safety in the community.