Welcome to the second semester of Prep!

This semester, we are learning all about jobs. The students have received a letter from Bandit and Chilli (Bluey’s parents) asking them to help find them a new job. To do this, they will look at jobs in the following categories: Emergency, Schools, Trades & Community. As well as investigating these jobs in class, we will also explore further in guided play sessions and through weekly dress-ups. This will be followed up by our Term 4 focus, ‘Kids in the Community’, where will look at how we impact the environment and in particular, the Merri Creek. We will continue to develop the students’ social skills by following the Respectful Relationships program, which concentrates on personal strengths, identifying and managing emotions and interacting with others.

In Mathematics this Semester, the Preps will be building on their existing skills by learning about numbers to 20 and beyond. This includes identifying numerals, number words and matching collections. The Preps will be given the opportunity to practice counting by tens, which will provide support when they are learning about place value. The students will also learn about addition and subtraction strategies, as well as sharing into equal parts. In Measurement and Geometry, the students will be learning about 3D shape including naming, sorting and describing familiar objects in their environment. Later in the Semester, the students will be learning to gather and interpret data.

In Literacy, we will be extending the phonics knowledge that we have covered in Semester One by exploring digraphs, long vowels and word endings. In Reading, we will be exploring the purpose of information texts and will combine this with using graphic organisers to record the facts they are learning. As the Semester progresses, we will be switching our attention back to narratives both in Reading and Writing. Students will be setting writing goals to make their learning visible.

We are looking forward to celebrating 100 days of Prep in Term 3. Then in Term 4, we will be holding our Prep Breakfast, which helps the students to develop their independence. We will also be running the swimming program, where the children will be walking to the pool and as a result learning about safety in the community.