Term 4

This term the Foundation students will be looking at how people impact the environment. We will start the unit with an excursion to a local park and look at what natural and manmade items we find along the way.

Using the inquiry skills they have been developing this year, the students will look at how the Moreland area has changed over time in regard to development and pollution. They will also have the opportunity to look at how the traditional custodians of the area cared for the land and think about what sustainable practices that they can promote. Students will be asked to bring all their learning together at the end of the unit to design an updated Prep courtyard and write a persuasive text about why their design should be used.

In Mathematics, students will continue to explore numbers. They will start to work with division and develop the language of what is equal and fair. Then they will revisit place value, addition and subtraction which will help them to deepen their understandings so they can apply these strategies to everyday situations.  Developmental Play will have a Mathematics focus as students learn about money. They will work collaboratively to create shops and products to sell to each other.

All our students love a good story and this term they will be looking at some great books in our author study. We will discuss the common themes that run through the books and what the author’s purpose was in writing the story. Students will then have the opportunity to write their own narratives based around a character from a Pamela Allen story. This will allow them to engage with shared editing and to publish their work.

Poetry will be introduced later in the term and students will learn to identify and use  alliteration, adjectives and rhyming words.

Each student will have the chance to bring home the Class Pet. They will be asked to record what they do with the pet in a diary and then share that during a show and tell session.

Student wellbeing will continue to be supported through the use of gratitude journals, mindfulness and Developmental Play. We will also be visited by Healthy Harold who will be working with the Foundation students to focus on how to be a good friend.

Semester 2

Welcome to Term 3 in Foundation.

The Term 3, Integrated subject looks at different types of jobs and how they contribute to society.  At the beginning of the term the Foundation students received a letter from Chilli and Bandit (Bluey’s parents) asking them to investigate a new job for Bandit.  Students use books, videos, guest speakers and explorative play to learn about these jobs. Each week a new umbrella of jobs is introduced, such as trade jobs, emergency workers, community workers etc. At the end of the unit students will write back to Bandit and Chilli to suggest the job they think Bandit should do; they will also present a jobs expo displaying the work they have done throughout the term.

The Literacy program has strong links to the Job unit, where students are being introduced to information texts. As well as learning about the features and purpose of these books, students are also supported to use graphic organisers to record and sort the information they are learning.  The students will look at traditional stories towards the end of term which will give them the opportunity to experience story telling from different cultures.

In Writing, the Preps are encouraged to reread their work to edit. Student led writing goals will continue to be used, these allow students to take agency in their own learning and to celebrate their progress.  We will continue to link our writing to language experiences, the Jobs unit, letter writing and personal experiences to make sure that writing is purposeful.

The Mathematics program this term builds on the number work the students have done in Semester 1. Students will be learning about addition, subtraction and sharing strategies by using hands on materials and through storytelling. They will also look at ordinal number which involves the students racing paper airplanes and cars. In Foundation, the measurement of time is linked to the days of the week and comparing the length of events. Students will learn to order the days of the week and be asked to link events to the days they occur on.

Wellbeing in Semester 2 will encompass learning from two programs. The Respectful Relationships program focuses on building students’ capabilities to manage their social and emotional health. The Talking the Talk program provides students with the knowledge and language to talk about their bodies, identify their ‘Safety Network’ of adults and develop help-seeking strategies that they can use now and later in life.

Welcome to Semester 1 in Foundation.

Starting school is a big step for students and at Moreland PS they are supported to transition into the routines of school by developing their social and emotional capabilities. This is done through Developmental Play, Integrated Subjects, and our Respectful Relationships program.

Play is an opportunity for the students to practise the skills they are learning in class as well as to enjoy and cement the friendships they are forming.

The Term 1, Integrated subject Me at School helps the students to see themselves as part of the school community. In Term 2, the Me and my family unit is an opportunity to celebrate the different ways families are and for the students to learn about and compare what makes our families unique. We start our Respectful Relationships program in Prep by exploring what emotions are, how they feel and what strategies can be used when emotions are strong. We also look at personal strengths and what it means to be a good friend.

The Literacy program starts with the Preps looking at the concepts of print, including naming the parts of a book and identifying what a letter, word and sentence are. Students start to develop their comprehension skills so they can respond to and make connections to stories.

Throughout the semester students will build their phonological awareness by looking at the sounds that letters make and through identifying them in words, read and heard. As students progress they will then begin using this knowledge to read texts. In Writing the Preps are encouraged to form letters correctly and to include the sounds they can hear in the words they are writing.  We link our writing to language experiences, Integrated subjects and personal experiences to make sure that writing is purposeful.

The Semester 1 Mathematics program has a strong emphasis on the base ten system. Students are encouraged to establish an understanding of numbers to ten by counting and ordering objects, as well as matching collections to number names and numerals. Students also practice recognising small collections of objects without counting and looking at the different ways to make ten. In the patterns unit students look at how to copy, continue and create patterns with the understanding that the core element of the pattern is what repeats. Mathematics in Prep is very hands on and this is especially true during our measurement units on length, mass and capacity where students are encouraged to experiment with hands on materials and then to record and explain their thinking.

Semester 1 is a very busy time in Prep and requires a lot of adjustment and flexibility from the students therefore we include Developmental Play, Gratitude Journals and Wellbeing activities as part of our program.