Welcome to the second semester of Prep!

This term we have returned to remote learning and have pared back our tasks to make sure they are achievable for families, while still being centred on students learning outcomes. To achieve this, we have incorporated a living thing focus into our literacy work. This goes hand in hand with the Japanese Science curriculum this term and also ties in nicely with our  focus on information texts.

Students will be looking at the features of information texts, using diagrams to read and share facts and also how to organise what they have learnt using a variety of graphic organisers. Incorporating small group sessions and large groups sessions  online will mean students can share the information they have learnt with each other, enabling them to build on their speaking and listening skills.  The opportunity to develop the students ICT skills has also  been planned for, as they are asked to navigate different  platforms and start to use software to write and edit their work.

In Mathematics this term we are revisiting place value. We will continue practicing counting by tens and reinforcing the understanding that 2 digit numbers are made up of tens and ones.  We will then work on subtraction and addition and learn about dividing objects into equal shares.

Hopefully by Term 4  we will be returning to face to face teaching and in Mathmatics we will be looking at gathering data in order to explore statistics. This is always a popular unit of work as students gather information on who likes which ice-cream flavour the most! Mathamatics will extend into developmental play which will focus on learning about Australian money and how it is used. The students will be asked to work in homegroups to design a shop and produce items to be sold. They then take it in turns to run the shop and go shopping for items.

In Literacy in Term 4  we will be extending the phonics skills we have covered in Semester One by exploring more complex letter blends and word endings. In our author study we will introduce the students to writers such as Sally Morgon, Bronwyn Brancroft, Alison Lester and Pamela Allen and we will focus on the features of a story and its purpose. We will also be using these texts as a prompt to help us write our own stories.