Health & Physical Education

Physical Education

At Moreland Primary School being active and healthy is a priority for our students. Our Physical Education (PE) program is designed to provide all students with a developmental sequence of skills so that they can be active for life. We aim to expose students to a range of different sports and activities, with a range of equipment and in various environments.

In addition to skills, our PE program develops sporting leaders and good sportspeople. Students learn about being good winners and good losers and put this into practice in all PE lessons and sporting events. Our sport and house captains in grade 6 embody these qualities and are positive role models for our younger students.


Prep students will be provided with opportunities to continue to build on term 3 skills by exploring object control skills of the catch, throw and kick. They will also play games that involve gross motor skills and continue to explore these and to develop language to describe movement and how their bodies feel during and after activity.

Year 1/2 Students will be re-introduced to the one and two arm strike, as well as continuing to develop the catch and throw. They will complete a range of activities to explore these skills. Students will also be provided with opportunities to create their own games and solve movement challenges.


Year 3/4 – This term students will complete a movement to music unit as well as exploring alternative games. Tying in with health studies in the classroom, students will also be investigating exercise for fitness and the associated health benefits.

Year 5/6 – As students prepare for the inter-school cricket gala day, a brief unit exploring cricket skills and the game’s tactics and rules will be implemented. They will then play a range of alternative games before creating their own.

PE classes will cease across the school in week 8, enabling the whole school swimming program to be implemented in weeks 9 and 10. All students from years prep to six are encouraged to participate in the intensive swimming program.


Prep students will continue to explore gross movement skills. Locomotor skills taught this term will include running, hopping, skipping and galloping. In terms of object control, prep students will begin to develop the catch, throw and kick.

Year 1/2 students will develop more complex locomotor skills such as the leap, hop and dodge. They will also explore the kick, catch and over arm throw through invasion games and minor game based skills rotation sessions. Students will also participate in a four week AFL program provided by Essendon Football Club.

Year 3 – 6 students will prepare for the athletics carnival late in term three. Students are using their running, vertical jumping, leaping, hopping, skipping and throwing skills in a range of rotation based activities that develop the movement skills required to compete in athletic events. During this time, students will also receive four weeks of coaching from external athletics coaches through the Sporting Schools Program.

Term 2

After successfully settling into the PE program in term one, prep students take part in further locomotor skill development in term two by participating in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). PMP consists of a range of floor and equipment sessions that develop movement and vocabulary, hand/eye/foot coordination, balance, fitness, locomotion and eye tracking.

Year 1 and 2 students participate in a more developed PMP program or in alternate years, gymnastics. Lessons are based around developing gross motor and locomotor skills, such as rolling, balancing, sliding, leaping, dodging, cartwheeling and hand standing.

In year 3 and 4 classes, students are exposed to a range of invasion games. Students participate in skills rotations before developing their knowledge of attacking and defensive practices in team sports and putting this into play during modified games.

The year 5 and 6 students begin with fitness studies, where students train for cross country as well as investigating fitness testing and programs to suit different levels of health and fitness. Students also prepare for the winter interschool sports (netball, football and soccer) by developing skills and tactics for these and other invasion games.

Term 1

Prep students begin the term with orientation to PE lessons, where students learn rules, routines and how to move safely with equipment they may not have seen or used before. Movement to music is also included in term one.

Year 1 and 2 students continue with the development of their gross and fundamental motor skills. Lessons are based around developing the catch, throw and ball bounce, while also exploring running and vertical jumping.

In Year 3 and 4 classes, students are exposed to a range of net and wall sports, and striking and fielding sports. Students participate in skills rotations to continue growth of their fundamental motor skills, before then being challenged with game scenarios where they apply game sense and problem solving skills.

The Year 5/6 students participate in inter-school sports in term one and to complement this, PE lessons are based around skill development and game sense for these sports (basketball, softball and bat tennis). There is also an emphasis on fitness in the senior school, where students participate in some exercise for fitness and discuss the links between physical activity and health.

Our whole school sporting event, Twilight Sports, where the students compete in their houses for the honour of being the annual winners. This is a family event held after school in term one.