2018 Semester 2


Students will start Term 3 in Biological Science by learning about the needs of animals and plants and learning all the associated Japanese vocabulary.  The focus will then shift to weather and the effects of different kinds of weather and lastly in Term 4 we will be looking at the topic of materials – or what things are made of – in Physical Science.

Grade 1 /2

Grade 1 /2 students will be studying animal habitats in Term 3 and using the Japanese sentence for I live in ~ to construct sentences for different animals.  Term 4 will focus on water, its uses and a simple view of the water cycle.  Students will use the Japanese verbs to go and to come from to tell the story of the way water moves through our lives.

Grade 3/4

In Term 3, students will study Chemical Science and the differences between a solid and a liquid.  They will conduct experiments where a change in physical state occurs when heat is added or removed and will construct Japanese sentences describing the change.  In Term 4 students will study Biological Science and living and non-living things.

Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 students will focus on natural disasters in Term 3 particularly earthquakes because of Japan’s location on a major fault line. After understanding how earthquakes occur and their effects, students will write a short picture storybook in Japanese telling the story of a Japanese town hit by an earthquake.  In Term 4, students will study microorganisms in Biological Science focusing on yeast and the conditions where it grows best.