Term 3 Japanese/Science 2019


This term, prep students will learn about seasons and weather. Asking and answering questions about weather in Japanese and the different times for seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere.  They will also learn months of the year and days of the week in Japanese through song. They will continue to practice writing their name and some of the key words in Japanese hiragana characters.

Grade 1-2

Learning about lights and sounds. Students will learn about sounds by using decibel meters and creating their own musical instruments. They will learn about light through various experiments including Japanese shadow puppetry. Students are encouraged to start using hiragana characters in class this term.

Grade 3-4

Learning about life cycles of plants. Students will dissect a flower and will learn different parts of the flower in Japanese and English, then create a video of life cycle of a plant. They will learn new adjectives in Japanese and will continue to practice hiragana characters throughout the term.

Grade 5-6

Students will learn about animals and plants adaptation. They will learn animal and insect names and body parts in both English and Japanese and will be able to explain how their special features help them survive in special conditions such as in Australian desert. They will continue to learn and use hiragana characters in class and are expected to master all 46 characters by the end of this year.