In 2018 Japanese Science we will be welcoming our Japanese exchange students into the classroom early in Term 1.  They will help us with our speaking and listening skills in Japanese classes while they are practising their English in the learning areas.

Foundation students this semester will begin by making toys and learning classroom instructions, equipment and greetings in Japanese.  Then we will investigate the five senses through experiments and games.  During Term 2 we will study the needs of plants and animals.

Grade 1/2 will begin the year with chemical science and the topic of physical changes to everyday materials.  This will involve many experiments with food, heating and cooling, stretching and squashing and all the nouns and verbs in Japanese associated with this.  Later in the semester we will move on to forces and how a push or pull affects how an object moves or changes shape.

Grade 3/4s are learning about heat and how it can be produced of transferred from one object to another.  In term 2 we will begin a unit of geology and describe how the Earth’s surface changes over time.  We will model some of these changes in the classroom with some interesting experiments.

Grade 5/6s will investigate the solar system, starting with revision of the Earth, moon and Sun system then describing the planets.  In term 2 is physical science and we will experiment with light including shadows, reflection and refraction.