The Arts

Visual Art Term 1 Overview


During Semester 1, Students will focus on the works of Eric Carle.
Students will be completing two pieces of work: one being a scene of the landscape and the hungry caterpillar, and the other piece being the bad-tempered ladybird with a line setting to represent the grass. Students will explore different materials such as pastels, watercolour, crayons, as well as different techniques like the ‘collage technique’, creating contrasting background, forming shapes and using vibrant colours.

This unit will be focusing on using a variation of lines, pasting skills and covering all of the background.

Grade 1/2

During Semester 1, students will be exploring the key concepts of shape/form, colour, pattern and space through this unit of work.
Students will be exposed to different mediums such as clay and acrylic paints. Through studying the skills that Yayoi Kusama added to her bodies of work, students will be introduced to the areas of construction, modelling, printing, painting and collaging.

Through Visual inquiry, students will be encouraged to describe a range of artworks that they view and describe the subject matter.
Indigenous art will be explored through comparison to Yayoi Kusama’s style.

Grade 3/4

During Semester 1, students will be focusing on the works of Keith Harring, to inspire them in creating similar vibrant pieces influenced by 1980s New York graffiti subculture.
Students will be completing three pieces of work: one being silhouette bodies on a background of line strokes, the second being a collaborative piece of a silhouette body on butcher’s paper, and thirdly a sculpture model made from pipe cleaners.

Students will explore using different materials, techniques, such as collage, paper and line to make artworks. They will explore the elements of form, colour and shape to create artworks influenced by Keith Harring.

Grade 5/6

During Semester 1, students will be focusing on the works of Gustav Klimt, to create a self-portrait inspired by the Secession movement in Austria.
Students will be completing one piece of work, a self-portrait, which will use the elements of line, shape, colour, pattern and space. They will engage in a variety of mediums and techniques. Students will explore the areas of drawing, painting, collage and printing to express different representations of themselves.
This unit will focus on: proportionality, shading and depth on the face.