Performing Arts

Performing Arts (Prep and Years 1 and 2)

TERM 3&4

Grade 3/ 4:

Students will develop their understanding of improvisation based on the theme of travel. They will explore tongue twisters, sound effect stories and respond to given stimuli to improve skills such as quick thinking and talking, team work, careful listening and trust. Students will also develop their knowledge of blues and connect to the idea that improvisation is in both music and drama.

Students will also participate in the whole school performance Mana.

Grade 5/6:

Students will explore improvisation in drama, the skills involved in creating short skits and working together to just ‘go for it’ on stage without preparation. Students will reflect on their developing skills and create sound scapes. They will broaden their understanding of expressing themselves through music and drama.

Students will also participate in our whole school performance of Mana.

Term 1 & 2

In Performing Arts, through term 1 and 2, students will develop skills in music and drama. Such skills include, clapping and moving in time to music, learning musical terms such as tempo and dynamics. Playing on tuned and un-tuned percussion and learning to sing a repertoire of songs around the topics they are learning in the classroom.

In drama, they will begin to develop skills around mime, role play, working in small groups cooperatively, speaking confidently in front of an audience and through games and activities explore methods of communicating and expressing themselves.

Students will be encouraged to use their bodies and voices in a range of ways to develop co ordination, confidence and team work.