Visual Arts


Semester 1

This year we will be integrating our Japanese language program into the Visual Arts.

All students have participated in the creation of a whole school art piece inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Our Japanese exchange students will help us with our speaking and listening skills whilst in the art room.

Foundation students will begin the year by learning about primary and secondary colours. They will be exploring a range of different materials and techniques to make art works.

Grade 1/2 will start the year by learning the hiragana alphabet song, class greetings and how to mix midori, orenji and murasaki.

Grade 3/4 will be mixing secondary colours and landscapes with tone and value. They will be learning the Japanese words for each colour they use.

Grade 5/6 will begin the year with colour theory for cool and warm secondary colours. They will be writing the colours in romaji and will be learning to recognise hiragana characters through mnemonics.