Year Five and Six

Years 5 and 6

Semester 2

Semester two begins with immersion into a new area of study and project. The driving question for the major semester two project is “How could we create a game to teach others about earth and space?” The “discover” phase of the project involves students playing and analysing a variety of board and video games. To complement this with the science curriculum, students will also be learning about a particular aspect of earth and space sciences in depth through their reading studies.

Once students have selected an area of interest, they will work in a trio to create their own board or video game. Students will work through the design process, identifying a target audience and presenting their work to that audience as well as some experts in the field early in term four. Again the focus of the project will be the 4Cs, with student receiving a mark against a rubric that they will be well aware of throughout the project.

During English classes, students continue to build reading strategies identified in semester one. Aside from topic reading for their projects, students will be engaging in book clubs and studies of literature. This gives them the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, and to discuss and critique texts with their peers. In writing, students continue to build their understanding of more complex texts types and grammar concepts. Students will be writing explanation and procedure texts in term three, following on with autobiographies and biographies in term four.

Semester two mathematics involves students beginning the semester with the topic of fractions, and working flexibly with fractions. Students investigate patterns and algebra, and use decimals, fractions and whole numbers to create patterns and rules for patterns. Once again there is a focus on open ended and rich tasks, that extend students to demonstrate reasoning and problem solving. Measurement and geometry studies include; mass, capacity and volume; and angles. Statistics and probability studies include chance and exploring data, and ways to interpret and represent it.

The grade 5/6 students will attend an excursion to IMAX/Melbourne Museum or Scienceworks early on in term three to engage with the new project. Sport opportunities include the inter-school athletics carnival and cricket competition. The HPV team continues to train and prepare for races at Casey Fields and Maryborough, and the Woorabinda camp is offered for grade five students. The Life Education and sexual education program is run in term four, as well as the swimming program. And of course there is grade six graduation and the annual Funfields excursion to look forward to in term four as well!