Year Five and Six

Years 5 and 6


This term’s focus is STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths. The students will be working in small groups to complete a project using the elements of STEM to design a product that will help effect positive change on problems we face in the world associated with water. Students will follow the design process when engineering their product, including experimenting with, collecting data from and testing the effectiveness of their draft products. The final products will be exhibited early in term four.

Measurement, geometry, and statistics and probability will be a focus for this term in mathematics, with the key understandings needed for the project coming from these subject areas. In lessons about number, the students will be continuing to apply their knowledge of the operations to solve problems, particularly in the area of pattern and algebra.

In English, students will read narrative texts and delve more deeply into characters and their motives, events and what they symbolise, and the particular settings of the text and why these have been chosen. Students are expected to be reading prescribed texts at home so during book clubs at school they can discuss their thoughts and opinions of the texts with their peers. Students will also be using a range of sources to synthesize information to write procedural and explanation texts.

Term three is also the term in which we have our whole school performance. This year we are participating in Mana, learning Polynesian dances and customs. There will be special events for book week and a “Footy Day.” Students also have the opportunity to participate in athletics, attend the biennial Somers Camp and the inaugural trip to Japan!

Term 2

Following on from term one, the grade 5/6 students will be finalising their play by the middle of term two. This culminates with dress rehearsals to the rest of the school before two night performances in the school performing arts room to the wider school community. Students are broadening their knowledge of other groups’ topics by watching each other’s scenes and providing feedback, as well as having group meetings where they complete a learning journal comparing their group of people with another important group of people in Australia’s history.

After to completion of the play, students will be examining what it means to be an Australian and a global citizen. Students will research and report on the most important “Global Goal” to them. Students will then participate in debates and attempt to persuade others as to why their goal is the most important to global citizens.

In the area of English, there is a focus on reading stamina and inferring meaning from texts. Students will take part in short story clubs where they will read and review a range of short stories by the same or similar authors, examining strategies authors use to influence readers. In writing students will continue with writing persuasive pieces before moving onto information reports.

In mathematics, students are developing the use of all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with a range of strategies to tackle rich and open-ended problems. Length, perimeter and area and time are the topics covered in the measurement and geometry stream.

Term 1

In term one year 5/6 students begin the year with a transitional program to prepare them for their new year level. Activities include building leadership skills, developing a sense of team and how to tackle problem solving. Students are also introduced to classroom rules, routines and expectations for behaviour and work output.

In the area of English there is a focus on reading to comprehend and summarise important information, as well as looking at structures and purposes of different texts. Students write a range of narrative and persuasive pieces and respond to literature in large and small group discussions.

As a part of the students’ history project, answering the question “What role does your group play as a part of Australia’s colonial history?” all students will be taking part in a class play. The play will be entirely constructed by the students, with each group of students representing a different group of people who play an important role in the shaping of our nation. Students will be using their historical inquiry skills to assist them in creating a scene that portrays their knowledge of their groups’ significance.

In mathematics the topics covered are place value, addition, subtraction, shape and data representation. Students are provided with opportunities to extend their strategies and challenge their mathematical thinking by attempting to solve meaningful problems.

Year 5/6 students also have the opportunity to participate in inter-school sport, Twilight Sports and Camp during term one.