Year Five and Six

Grade 5 and 6

In the 5/6 learning area, the students will be working on a number of engaging projects in the second semester. Initially, they will engage with an Olympic-themed mini-project where students draw a random country out of a hat and spend a number of weeks focusing on a range of facts and statistics about that nation, as well as exploring its sporting history and strengths. These facts will be compiled into a collective Google Map that will be able to be explored as a class. As a part of the Project Based Learning program, students will be embarking on the Australian History Play; an exploration of this land from 50000+ years ago until Federation in 1901. The first aspect of this will be researching and exploring a range of primary and secondary sources and establishing key events and figures throughout this period. The class will then split into twelve groups and be allocated a particular group from this time; be it First Australians, explorers, bushrangers, miners, settlers, or migrants among others. From there, it will be the students taking charge as they come up with their own stories and ideas, write the scripts, design the props, sew the costumes, paint the backdrops and of course, practise their roles. Hopefully, this will culminate in an amazing spectacle at the end of the year.

During English studies, students will continue to focus on consolidating their personal reading goals and improving their overall comprehension of the texts that they are reading. At the beginning of term 3, there will be a themed focus on refugees where the class will explore a range of contemporary picture books and work on asking and answering literal, inferential and evaluative questions. There will also be a focus on exploring a range of historical texts, images and multimedia clips. This will further involve studying primary and secondary sources and considering the various perspectives of important events.

Writing will be looking at information texts and how best to structure and present information in a considered manner, which will culminate in a written piece about their Olympic country. There will be a focus on using technical language as well as effective sentence and paragraph structure. As the class embarks on the History Play, there will be a focus on efficient note-taking, as well as writing historical narratives and how to adapt these to the stage via workshops in script-writing. A final project will be focusing on speaking and listening with ‘The Moth’, a mini-project where students take a personal story and adapt it over a number of drafts before presenting it aloud to the class.

In Mathematics, students will continue to focus on using the four operations with integers, as well as exploring how to do so with fractions and decimals. There will also be units exploring both number and visual patterns leading into the design of tables and rules to describe these observations and to predict future iterations. In Statistics & Probability students will be looking at Chance, which will involve conducting experiments to ascertain the likelihood of certain results, as well as describing these probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages. Measurement & Geometry will involve further explorations of length, area, volume and capacity, as well as introducing students to the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants.

There will be a range of extra-curricular activities including an excursion during the research-phase of the History play, inter-school sports finals series, the annual athletics meet and swimming. The year will culminate with the official graduation ceremony for our departing Grade 6 students.