Year Five and Six

Years 5 and 6

Semester 2

2020 is a little bit different to other even years in the Five Six area after disrupted programs due to Remote Learning.

During Remote Learning in Term 3, students have selected a topic from the science curriculum to explore through their reading. They will then apply all their learning about the topic into making an educational game. The game will more than likely be coded, allowing students the opportunity to expand their coding knowledge and skills. Students will write information reports about their topics and also instructions for their games. In terms of creative literature, students will also explore poetry; reading and writing a variety of poetic styles.

In Number & Algebra studies students will continue to build strategies for the four operations and apply this knowledge to solve problems. They will create and describe patterns and apply mathematical rules, including learning about the order of operations and variables. In Term 3 and 4 students investigate mass, volume, capacity, angles and chance in the Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability strands. Students have had the chance to explore maths around the house and connect it with everyday life during Remote Learning.

In Term 4 the planned learning program includes finishing off The Island project from Term 1 and exploring the health curriculum. Students will be part of a book club for English studies, analysing and discussing novels in small groups. Students will hopefully have the opportunity to attend camp in Waratah Bay and participate in end of year celebrations such as Graduation for our Grade 6 students.