Year One and Two

Semester 2, 2020

In Semester Two, the Grade 1/2’s will be exploring a range of text types including explanation, descriptive, poetry, persuasive and narratives during both reading and writing. We will be learning to retell the events from the beginning, middle and end as well as writing own narratives using details about characters and settings and learning to write for an audience in an entertaining way. Explanation texts will be linked to our Integrated Curriculum topics. In poetry, we will explore different types of poems and rhyme and rhythm.  For persuasive reading and writing, we will be learning to understand the language that is important in order to persuade readers, as well as exploring words that talk about feelings and beliefs and words that command an action. There will be opportunities to build on student’s speaking and listening skills by presenting orally to small groups and the whole class. Everyone will be encouraged to be curious, ask questions and contribute to group discussions.

In Mathematics we will be learning about repeated addition, multiplication and division using hands on materials to model understandings. We will also be learning how to tell the time, recognise Australian coins and learn how to make total amounts using different coin combinations. Fractions, chance, data, location and transformation will also be explored.

Students will be encouraged to challenge their mathematical thinking through a range of ‘hands on’ activities, open ended learning tasks and direct instruction.

Why are places important to people?

Through the Integrated Curriculum program, we will be learning about different places and why they are special to our communities such as our families, neighbours, Indigenous people and new arrivals. We will be learning about our suburb, the city of Melbourne, the state of Victoria, Australia, the World and a little of India as our Asian Study. The learning activities are Geography based and the unit of work is entitled “I call this place home…”. We will also focus on the location and features of places, both locally and in the world.

How can we live a healthier life?

Later in the year our attention will turn to our Health and Wellbeing. We will investigate how our bodies work and what we can do to make them healthy. We will show how we can care for each other and be a good friend.

Lastly, during Remote Learning we will navigate the Google Classroom platform to continue the English, Mathematics and Integrated Curriculum learning at home.