Year One and Two

Year 1 and 2

In Semester two the Grade 1/2’s will be exploring narratives during reading and writing. They will be learning to retell the events from the beginning, middle and end.  They will be writing their own narratives using details about characters and settings and learning to write for an audience in an entertaining way.

In Integrated studies we will be investigating games and how they are designed for different ages and interests, as well as how things work and move from a technological perspective and how technology has changed games over time. We will be having a billy cart incursion to help students understand procedures and to explore design, creativity and technology. In this workshop students will get to design, build and drive a billy cart.  The students will work in small groups and be engaged in activities including designing and building a billy cart, creative workshop building, using tools safely and even billy cart driving! We will use this unit to develop an understanding of writing of procedures which will support their writing of rules for the games they make. Lastly, we will be comparing games from India to those we play in Australia and other countries.

In mathematics we will be learning about subtraction, multiplication and division using hands on materials to model understandings. We will also be learning how to tell the time, recognise Australian coins and learn how to make total amounts using different coin combinations.  Fractions, chance, shapes and location and transformation will also be explored.

In term 4 we will have the Life Education van visiting us as well as having the swimming program.