Year One and Two

Year 1 and 2

Semester 1

In term one, the Grade 1/2’s will be learning about the history of their community and how landmarks have changed over time. They will also be exploring how digital technology has influenced our lives. They will be exposed to a range of items from the past to present to see the impact of the change, explore past objects and compare the advantages and disadvantages of technology. We are also lucky enough to have the Footsteps dance and movement program back on Fridays for term one, as well as starting our clubs program where students will get an opportunity throughout the year to participate in cooking, gardening, construction and craft.
In literacy, we are learning about recount texts. The students will be writing recounts about their weekends and real life events that happen at school as well as reading texts and learning about what a good recount includes. Students will be learning about nouns and verbs and will use this knowledge to incorporate such words into sentences.
In mathematics students are investigating place value, which means they will be exploring the value of numbers from 0-999. They will be reading, writing, naming, recording and looking at number patterns and what happens when you change numbers by 1’s, 10’s and 100’s. We are also learning about how long an hour, day, month and year is through working with time and calendars.