Year One and Two

Grade 1/2 Term 1 Overview 2023

To begin this term in English, the Grade 1 and 2 students have followed our start up program. This aims to set up routines for successful learning in both Reading and Writing. The students have revised what independent reading looks like and have participated in setting up classroom libraries including engaging books from a range of text types. Following the completion of the start up program, in Reading, the students will learn about monitoring and self correcting strategies to maintain meaning when reading independently and build fluency to read more smoothly and with expression. They will also learn decoding strategies to solve unknown words. Students will also develop their phonics and word knowledge by recognising common long vowel sounds. In Writing, students will focus on recounts and narratives. This will include their text structure and how to organise ideas sequentially. Recounts will be based on personal experiences as well as fun language experiences occurring in the classroom. In narrative writing, students will also focus on writing mechanics such as punctuation, word choice and spelling. 

In Mathematics, students will learn about the place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers. This will include reading, writing, making, ordering and comparing. Activities to support this involve the use of hands on manipulatives to demonstrate their understanding and boost engagement. The Grade 1 and 2’s will then explore Measurement and Geometry by learning about length. The term will end with a unit of work about skip counting and number sequences. They will learn to recognise increasing and decreasing number sequences

involving 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and identify the missing element in a number sequence. 

Our Integrated Curriculum topic, ‘My Family’ explores historical concepts and skills. Students will add commemorative events that students, their family and friends celebrate to a class calendar and discuss why they are significant. Students will also talk about personal histories through the creation of a family tree and use this to learn about similarities and differences between different families. They will choose a person and create a personal display to explain their significance and share this with the class to demonstrate why different people are important in the lives of others.