Year One and Two

Year 1 and 2

In Semester two the Grade 1/2’s will be exploring a range of text types including explanation, poetry, persuasive and narratives during both reading and writing. They will be learning to retell the events from the beginning, middle and end as well as writing their own narratives using details about characters and settings and learning to write for an audience in an entertaining way.  Explanation texts will be linked to the function of toys and how to use them and poetry will explore the different types of poems and how and when to use rhyme. Persuasive reading and writing will be learning to understand the language that is important in order to persuade readers, as well as exploring words that talk about feelings and beliefs and words that command an action.

In Integrated studies, students will investigate toys and how they are made, how they move and how to play with them.  We will be having Supreme Incursions coming and running a day called ‘Toy Science’. Students will have an opportunity to learn about toys and their moving parts. Students will also explore the ethics of toys and the impact they have on the environment. They will investigate questions such as: Do all children have access to toys? How to we reduce, reuse, and recycle toys? What toys do Indigenous Australian have and what materials are they made from? Lastly, we will be learning about the Indonesian culture and how it differs from daily life in Australia.

In mathematics we will be learning about subtraction, multiplication and division using hands on materials to model understandings. We will also be learning how to tell the time, recognise Australian coins and learn how to make total amounts using different coin combinations.  Fractions, chance, shapes and location and transformation will also be explored.

In Term 4, the students will have an opportunity to attend the Grade 1/2 dinner and the Grade 2’s can sleepover at school as a transition into the  camping program. We will also  have the Life Education Van visiting with Harold the giraffe making an appearance. Lastly, we will have swimming towards the end of the term, which will include water & road safety.