Year One and Two

Year 1 and 2


In English this term, we will be exploring explanation and information texts. Students will use headings and sub headings to organise information about toys, animals and topics they are interested in as well as reading lots of different non-fiction texts to find and explain information.

In mathematics students will learn about multiplication and division. They will learn to use arrays and equations to show their understanding of multiplication and division problems. They will learn to order coins and notes in terms of their value and to calculate a collection of coins and the change given if they were to make purchases. Students will also learn about 2D shapes and 3D objects. They will explore these in terms of their properties such as faces, edges and vertices.

In integrated studies, students will investigate toys and how they are made, how they move and how to play with them.  Students will also explore the ethics of toys. What impact do they have on the environment? Do all children have access to toys? How do we reduce, reuse, and recycle toys? In the second part of term 3, students will participate the MANA performance where they will learn dances from around the world. They will also participate in craft activities that investigate these cultures.

Term 2

This term the year 1/2s will observe, define, identify and describe the features of their local area, Moreland. Students will collect and record data and information from the field and use this to construct tables, plans and labelled maps. The key inquiry questions to be explored are: What is a place? What are the different features of places? How are people connected to their place and other places? Students will then research and explore a place, town or city in China, looking at how families live and how it might be different to the way we live. They will then use this information to complete a comparative study of the two places.

This term for writing, the students are continuing to write narratives with a continued focus on describing characters and settings as well as writing descriptive pieces about real life objects or visual images. In reading they will be using pictures and text to predict what the story is about or what will happen next, retelling stories, and completing character studies.

In mathematics, the students will be learning about addition. They will be exploring number facts such as friends of 10, 20 and 100 to support their calculations, as well as specific strategies for addition such as counting on, number stories and the split strategy. They will be learning about the language of location and direction and will apply this when mapping their local area. Students will explore capacity using language such as holds more, less or the same.

Term 1

This term the Year 1/2s will be looking into the history of their families.  Some key questions they will be exploring are: “How has family life changed or remained the same over time? How can we show that the present is similar or different to the past? How do we sequence time to gain an understanding of our own history?  The students will also be learning about Chinese culture and how it is similar and different to our own lives. Another important aspect of the term 1 teaching and learning program will be learning about emotions and how students use them to talk about feelings and to communicate wants and needs to our friends, family and teachers.

In English, students will be exploring the development of narratives. They will be learning to describe characters and settings using nouns, verbs and adjectives and they will use this learning to retell and write their own stories.

In Mathematics, students will be learning how to read, write, name and order numbers from 0 to 999, they will investigate skip counting and number patterns. They will also be learning about how calendars work to gain an understanding of the months in the year and the seasons.