Year Three and Four

Grade 3 and 4

In the Grade 3 and 4 learning area students have transitioned between onsite learning and remote learning as well as can be expected. They have expressed their enjoyment for collaborative learning when onsite and from teacher, parent, student conferences the feedback we received mainly focused on the enjoyment we had when making the diorama for their Merri Creek project last term and the work we have been doing around Growth Mindset.

As part of the 3/4 integrated curriculum, students have started term 3 developing their technology skills through a mini project on Coding. We have accessed Scratch, a program that has self paced tutorials for students to work through and the support of peers to learn how to write codes to animated names and as advanced as designing a game.

For the remainder of this term we will begin our larger PBL project, mainly focusing on Geography, in particular a comparative study of Australia, South America and Africa.

In Term 4 we will aim to explore one more curriculum area, however we would like to invite students feedback and discussion before making a final decision about our last project of the year.

Growth Mindset continues to be explored and currently, students have been developing their understanding of gratitude. We aim to explore mindfulness and empathy this semester.

In English, students have had fun with write and performing Procedures at the start of this term, and when entering into lockdown after 4 days of school, the opportunity for parents to get involved in their learning was presented.

We have explored prediction, summarising and understanding author’s technique through our work on the Children’s Picture Story Book of The Year shortlist and will continue to explore more literal and inferential understanding of books we read.

The writing process is something students have had experience with in Semester 1 and we will be revisiting the process of writing a draft, editing and improving and conferencing before publishing this semester.

In mathematics we are developing our knowledge of multiplication and division strategies this term. With a strong focus on multiplicative thinking, we are working on developing efficient mental and written strategies. In term 4 we will look to revisit and revise a range of topics that we have found from our testing need revisiting. With our tutoring program focusing on place value, we feel the need to consolidate and revisit this core concept in mathematics vital for students to be able to build upon with more complex concepts.