Year Three and Four

Years 3 and 4

Semester 1

Years 3 and 4 is a time to foster student’s enthusiasm and independence focusing on their creative, collaboration, communication and creative thinking and skills. In semester 1, the importance of getting along is explored through identifying the traits of friendship and learning to collaborate and communicate successfully in a new learning area.

In Semester 1, year 3 students begin using their new laptops. To support the safe use of computers at school and at home, the grade 3/4 students learn about Cyber Safety.

Cyber Safety tasks will enable students to explore the safe use of computers at school and at home, as they grow their computer skills through a range of fun and engaging tasks. Through the coding program Scratch, students will create an animated project showing an understanding of blocks and how they construct together to make a command.

In English, their comprehension skills are enhanced as they read in literacy circles and small book groups and complete reading response tasks relating to fiction and non-fiction texts. They will write persuasive and narrative texts learning about the appropriate language and structures required. They will also improve their ability to edit their own work paying attention to handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

There will be opportunities to build on their speaking and listening skills by presenting orally to small groups and the whole class. They will be encouraged to be curious, ask questions and contribute to group discussions.

In mathematics, students will explore pattern and order, place value and shape. They will also focus on the operations of addition and subtraction, develop location and transformation skills and enhance chance and data understandings. Students will be encouraged to challenge their mathematical thinking through a range of ‘hands on’ activities, open ended learning tasks and direct instruction.

In Australian History and Civics and Citizenship this semester, students will investigate from the perspective of the early European explorers and record their discoveries and feelings and record this information in a journal format.

Students will also understand the importance of making decisions democratically , develop an understanding of who makes rules, why rules are important in a community and the consequences of rules not being followed. Students will investigate how and why people participate within communities and cultural and social groups.

Students will also explore a unit of design, creativity and technology by comparing and contrasting Australian and Japanese buildings.

They will consider the impact of natural disasters on design of buildings such as earthquakes in Japan and bushfires in Australia.