Year Three and Four

Grade 3 and 4

In the Grade 3 and 4 learning area, the year starts with settling students into the new learning area. We begin with our First 20 days of Reading and Writing Program to establish behaviours, norms and a focus on ‘reading is thinking’ skills to support students with their independent reading.  With the introduction of the one to one laptop program starting in Grade 3, Cyber Safety with all our students is of paramount importance to ensure our school agreement is explored in detail with the students and that everyone is clear on using technology safely and responsibly.

As part of the 3/4 integrated curriculum in Semester 1, students are introduced and revisit our growth mindset approach to learning. We cover such concepts as ‘the learning pit,’ ‘the power of yet’ as part of our start up program and this continues weekly to develop concepts around gratitude, empathy and mindfulness to build resilience, explore emotional regulation and embracing the challenges learning provides.

Our Origins is a short topic that we explore through our narrative focus, looking at myths and legends from around the world and connecting with our own personal origins and history. Students are encouraged to have discussions at home about their heritage and this underpins our history project in term 2.

Term 2’s history project will delve into First Explorers and the rich history of discoveries that changed the world. Students learn about Captain Cook and other influential explorers of Australia and the reasons why exploration began.

In mathematics students deepen their understanding of the place value system with ordering, representing, renaming and partitioning of numbers up to and beyond 10,000.  They build strategies that strengthen mental and written computation in addition and subtraction. Length, mass, volume and capacity are our measurement and geometry skills developed this semester with a strong focus on practical, hands-on learning.