Policies & Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures are divided into 2 sub categories (School Operations, Student Management and Teaching & Learning).  Please scroll down to find the policy or procedure that you are after.

School Operations

Accident & Incident Register Policy
Adverse Weather Policy
Anaphylaxis Management Policy
Animals in the School Grounds Policy
Asthma Policy
Bushfire Policy
Cash Handling Policy
Camps and Excursions Policy
Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund [CSEF] Policy
Care Arrangements for Ill Students Policy and Procedures
Child Safety Policy
Code of Conduct
Communication with School Staff
Complaints Policy
Critical Incident Report Policy
Day Structure Policy
Disabilities & Impairments Policy
Distribution of Medication Policy and Procedures
Enrolment Policy
Environmental Management Policy
External Provider Policy
Fundraising Policy
Inclusion and Diversity Policy
Incursion Policy and Procedures
Induction Policy
Internet Banking Policy
Mobile Phones and Other Devices Policy
Parent Communication Policy
Parent Payment Policy
Privacy Policy
Procedures to Maintain Registers
School Purchasing Card Policy
School Uniform Policy
Smoke Free Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Wellbeing Policy
Statement of Values and School Philosophy
Sunsmart Policy
Traffic Management Policy
Volunteers Policy
Working with Children Check Policy
Workplace Bullying Policy

Student Management

Attendance Policy
Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Policy
Cyber-Bullying Policy
First Aid Policy and Procedures
Grief & Bereavement Management Policy
Healthy Foods Policy
Mandatory Reporting policy and procedures
On site supervision policy and procedures
Primary to Secondary School Transition Policy
Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy
Student Leadership Policy
Transition Policy K-Prep