School Council


The objectives of the school council with regard to any school in relation to which it is constituted are:

    1. to assist in the efficient governance of the school
    1. to ensure that its decisions affecting students of the school are made having regard, as a primary consideration, to the best interest of the students;
    1. to enhance the educational opportunities of students at the school; and
  1. to ensure the school and the council complies with any requirements of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, any regulations or a Ministerial Order made under that Act, or a direction, guideline or policy issued under that Act.

Members of Our School Council

Vikki Nash – President

Alice Crowley – Vice President

Dee Brown – Treasurer

John Williams – Principal

Jennah Smith – Teacher
Tessa Letcher – Parent

Donna Schilov – Assistant Principal

Pip Carroll – Parent

Arief Rasyid – Parent

Grounds, Fundraising, Curriculum, Finance, Kindergarten, Parents & Friends.

Membership of subcommittees is open to members of our school community. If you are interested please contact the Council President/Principal.