STEM is an integration of the knowledge and skills used in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM program at Merri-bek Primary School engages students with fun hands on activities to develop real world skills.

In Term 3 Foundation students explore jobs in class as part of their Integrated Curriculum classes, and in STEM classes dive deeper into how different jobs use STEM knowledge and skills. Each week students get to do the work of a different job such as a gardener, doctor, builder, scientist and many more. Over the term students will learn how people use science in their daily lives, how we can design and create solutions to everyday problems, and also practice key design and inquiry skills.

In Term 3 students in the Grade 1 and Grade 2 areas look at how the world around us is formed and what changes we can see happening over a day, season, year or over a lifetime. This includes looking at the Earths position in space and how this affects climate and seasons, how continents and landforms change over time, and how we see changes in season or weather over relatively short timeframes.

In Term 3 students in the Grade 3/4 learning area take a close look at different forces that affect the world around us, and how human activity can have widespread and lasting effects on nature. Students conduct experiments to observe erosion, bioaccumulation and overuse of resources, and finish the term by recycling paper.

In Term 3 students in the Grade 5/6 learning area begin the term by exploring electricity and circuits. They then begin working with microcontrollers, connecting various sensors and programming them to perform different functions. 

In Term 4, there is a whole school focus on developing science inquiry skills where each learning area takes part in investigations to develop their understanding of the scientific process. Students will conduct experiments within the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Physics and practice making a hypothesis or prediction, collecting data and reporting on their findings to the class.