Year Five and Six

Years 5 and 6

In the Grade 5/6 learning area, the school year begins with a start-up program that prepares students for their new year level. Students participate in a range of activities that require aspects of leadership, teamwork and critical thinking. The routines and expectations of the learning area are also established.

As a part of the Grade 5/6 Project Based Learning program, students begin working on their major project for semester one. The focus question for this project is “What can one square metre tell us about the Merri Creek?” Students attend local excursions to the Merri Creek, accompanied by experts in science, art, local Indigenous knowledge and geology to help explore a self selected square metre at the creek. In small groups, students then create products to share their learning with the school community.

During English studies, students will comprehend and compose a range of texts.

The 20 day reading start up program introduces students to good reading habits and establishes reading stamina. The class then focuses on a range of comprehension strategies to think critically about texts. Students will read a variety of material about the Merri Creek, engage in an author study about Shaun Tan and participate in literature circles in Term 2. In writing, sentence structure and developing vocabulary are the main priorities for the semester, with students aiming to increase the technicality of their writing. Students will be writing narrative, persuasive and informative pieces.

Semester one mathematics involves students beginning the year with the topic of place value, extending beyond millions and into decimal places. Students investigate prime, composite, square and triangular numbers before expanding into problem solving using the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). Students will be developing strategies during focus units on all four operations. There is also a focus on open ended and rich tasks. Measurement and geometry studies this semester include; shape, location and transformation; length, area and perimeter; and time. Statistics and probability studies include exploring data, and ways to interpret and represent it.

Grade 5/6 students have a range of extra-curricular opportunities in semester one. These include inter-school sport, cross country, the whole school Twilight Event, Blue Light bike riding camp in Maldon, as well as Somers Camp. Grade six students have the chance to apply for student leader positions in term one and begin the transition to high school process in term two. Grade five students will complete NAPLAN in term two.