Year Three and Four

Grade 3 and 4

In the Grade 3 and 4 learning area, the year starts with settling students into the new learning area. Grade 3 students are provided with their own laptops and we begin with Cyber Safety with all our students to develop their understanding around using their computers safely.  The students complete a range of activities that includes developing collective responsibility, deepening students’ understanding about the school values and how they relate to our learning area. Throughout this start up program, we establish routines and make clear our expectations.

As part of the 3/4 integrated curriculum, our students explore the idea of a growth mindset, learning key skills and concepts about accepting challenges, celebrating failures and learning about strategies to help themselves when they may feel stuck. To introduce the students to a project based learning approach, students work collaboratively to create a mini project that researches and presents findings about a famous person who has failed.

In term 2, for their second project students participate in local excursions to the Merri Creek where they have learnt about the geographical landscape and history of the creek. Working collaboratively, students create a diorama to represent a snapshot of ‘then’ and ‘now’ of the creek and the changes it has seen over time.

In English, ‘The First 20 Days of Reading’ program introduces the students to good reading habits and extends their stamina in reading, while developing their ‘reading is thinking’ skills. This includes making personal connections, forming opinions about a range of texts and developing comprehension strategies when reading fiction and nonfiction texts.

In mathematics students deepen their understanding of the place value system through renaming and partitioning numbers. They build strategies that strengthen mental and written computation in addition and subtraction. Students also have explored length, area, perimeter and time. Students have the opportunity to apply these skills through games and open ended tasks.